Facial Products, Accessories & Merchandise

Bougie Chic Lashes Keychain
$ 5.00
If you’re purchasing this keychain for the unlimited lash fill ins- just make a note on your appointment and you can pick it up in person. 1. Buy the keychain...
Pink Lash Bag
$ 14.00
Design your own kit or just tote your makeup in this cute bag. Buy one for yourself or give one as a gift! 
Artist Pillowcase
$ 18.00
Absolute must have for the pillow on your bed. One 3D printed pillowcase is included. Each Pillow: *Cotton and super soft*50x60 standard sized pillowcase*Washable*Cute additions for any beauty lover
Esthemax Hydrojelly Mask
$ 36.00
The absolute hottest mask in the country right now!!! Can’t get in to the spa, but want to enjoy the perks of a hydro jelly mask? Look no further!  Each...
Lash Bag (Choose One)
$ 16.00
This bag is really large and measures 25cmx15cm and will fit everything you need for your makeup or lash needs. 
Decorative Throw Pillow
$ 18.00
These are the cutest, right? Grab one for your clients to use for back support, to decorate your space or just for home use. These are pillow covers and they...
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