Adhesives & Supplies

$ 30.00
***BEST SELLER*** PINKBERRY PRO This adhesive is for advanced artists only. It has an astounding .05-1  seconds drying time and has a thin and liquid consistency. It is the FASTEST...
Premium Lash Tweezers
$ 25.00 $ 0.00
LASH IN STYLE Excellent pick up & isolation. Comes as a pair. One straight and one curved or one pro straight and one volume. All tweezers are: *Stainless steel*12cm sized*Gorgeous ...
Prissy Pink Lint Free Eye Pads (20)
$ 15.00
One of the hottest sellers online and in salon!! These under eye, lint free gel patches are perfect for holding those bottom lashes down. Sold as a pack of 20....
Mini Nanomister
$ 14.00 $ 23.00
New mini size is great for studios, mobile Lashing, gifts or kits. Comes with usb charger. 
Lash Foam Cleanser w/Pink Brush
$ 14.00
Use our oil free lash cleanser to keep those lashes super fresh and clean! Free Shipping on this product! 30ml bottle.
Lash Wands (50 Pack)
$ 8.00
Keep those lashes under control with each application. Make sure you're giving that wand to you client for their upkeep! Select color below. All Sales are Final on any lash...
Glue Rings (50 or 100)
$ 8.00
Speed Up your lash time with this pack of 50 of 100 rings.
Tweezer Sets (Unbranded)
$ 14.00
Unbranded. One straight, one curved. 
Lash Cleansing Brushes
$ 8.00
Pack of 25. Choose pink, black or clear. 
Gel Remover
$ 20.00
Pink gel remover for lash extensions. 
Hypoallergenic Tape
$ 4.00
This is our new fave!!! This lint free, hypoallergenic tape is easy to apply and remove at a fraction of the cost of one of the most popular woven tape...
Lash Swabs (25)
$ 8.00
Use these swabs to clean your clients lashes in between fills. Select Color below. All Sales are Final on any lash products for health and sanitation reasons.
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