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Lash Branding Webinar Course  (Read Below)

Lash Branding Webinar Course (Read Below)

$ 99.00
Next Live Class Dates 1.28.18 & 2.4.18 & 3.18.18 | @ 10am CST
This is a 3 hour class starting at 10am CST. If you can't make either date, you WILL be able to see the Replay for less cost!. :-) 
When your order is placed, I will send you all the details to log in. You can join from your phone, tablet or pc. I would suggest having a notebook to write down a bunch of things we'll discuss. At the end, I'll open the forum so that we Lash Artists can hear from one another around the globe and share best practices and tips to WIN! There are enough eyes to lash for all of us..... This is a "No Hate/Jealousy Zone" so please leave all ego's off the screen. If I can share all of my vendors, we can all be nice and help each other. Never know when you'll be in LA/NYC/MIAMI and need help or a lash fill or when a client of theirs is visiting your city and needs an appointment. :-)
This class is going to be a special class created for those that really want to level up as a Lash Artist AND Lash Business. I created my brand with $325, seriously. It was the best money I've ever spent and is neck in neck with the money invested in the class altogether.
I'm going to sit in my lash room and explain each product that I have, what it cost me and what I sell it for online and in store. I'll explain and screen share factory information for those products that you might be interested in selling. We'll talk about price negotiations and at what your selling cost "could" be vs what it "should" be. We'll go over your market and how they lash, who your customers are and how to write your first order.
We'll talk about how to store your items, consigning/wholesaling them to lash bars and lash artists, printing options, how to deal with You Tube trained lashers that purchase from you, how to store your product (especially adhesive) until sold-how much to buy, etc.
I'll give you the tips, tricks and blueprint of how I did it and how you can do it too.
This class will also come with a regular vendor list that I will give to you the day before class via email.
Basically, this class is just a chance for me to give you the REAL information, rather than just sell you a list and you have no idea who to trust, because believe you me.... you don't want to take too many risks when it comes to selling products that aren't legit.
There is an optional Level Up PRO kit that can be bought. It will include samples of my products, so you'll know how yours will feel and look. I will include:
1 custom tweezer set
1 5ml bottle of glue
1 custom lash palette
2 Lash Trays
1 Lash Throw Pillow
Total will be only $50 FIFTY for ALL OF THOSE 6 items. Shipping INCLUDED!!! I will invoice you for them, just email me and let me know so I can ship them to you before class. I'm willing to take a loss, to help you grow and not waste money on samples. That's how we all WIN!
See you soon!!

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